The International Global Citizen’s Award
4. Recording and reflecting on change and development

We can be so busy reading, watching, talking to people and doing things that we do not really take time to reflect and think about what we are doing and finding out.

An essential part of the global citizen’s award is keeping a personal, individual “diary” (written, diagrammatic, or tape-recorded), blog or other record, reflecting on developing knowledge, awareness and actions as a global citizen.

Taking time to reflect, and keeping a record of our thoughts, actions and ideas helps us to develop as global citizens. Keeping a record also means that we have something which we can use to show or discuss with others how our perspective as a global citizen is developing during the programme. It may also highlight things we would like to think about further, or discuss with others, or find out more about.

The programme is dealing with important issues and ideas. On important issues, people have different views. The diary is the place is which we can develop our own ideas and views, while reflecting on those of others.

We need to use all our best thinking processes while we are doing this. Critical thinking is not something to be used only in academic subjects!

For instance, do we accept a particular viewpoint, and if so why? If not, why not? Some issues are complicated and there may well be conflicting views and ideas. In some cases, views may seem too simple, or simply wrong. The diary is where we record all of this.

The diary therefore charts our development as a global citizen during the period of the programme.

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The International Global Citizen’s Award