Information for schools and youth organisations

The IGC Award programme is open to schools and youth organizations around the world. Each centre is responsible for making the award itself to its own students/participants, but all schools or organisations use a common model and format. Centres in different countries are linked and share ideas and perspectives on the programme, although each centre retains responsibility for making its own awards.

The programme can be introduced at any time during the school year.

Lots more information is given in Information for schools (230K pdf) and elsewhere on this website, and more is available on request. If your queries are not answered, or if you are interested in becoming a participating school then please contact:

Information in Spanish:

Informacion para Centros Febrero 2009



Click here to download a 230k PDF document
giving background information for schools

Click here to open The IGC Award in action - case studies from nine participating schools, September 2012.






The International Global Citizen’s Award