The International Global Citizen’s Award is

  • non-competitive
  • voluntary
  • for young people aged 11 and over, although adults are welcome too
  • operated by recognised centres

During the programme, people become

  • more engaged and active as global citizens
  • better informed about certain global issues and concerns
  • more reflective about what it means to be a good global citizen
  • and, we hope, better global citizens

The award programme involves a commitment to action and development in four areas over at least six months:

  1. Understanding other cultures and outlooks
  2. Personal Global Footprint
    • Being good with money
    • Environmental responsibility
  3. Influence and involvement with others
    • Personal community service
    • Advocacy, persuasion or promotion
    • Active participation in decision-making
  4. Recording and reflecting on change and development



The International Global Citizen’s Award